Clove flavor medium nicotine disposable e-cigs 12-pack
Clove flavor medium nicotine disposable electronic cigarettesClove flavor medium nicotine disposable e-cigarette 4-packClove flavor medium nicotine disposable e-cig 6-packClove flavor medium nicotine disposable e-cigs 12-pack

Clove Flavor Medium Nicotine Disposable Soft-Tip E-Cigarettes / E-Hookahs

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Product Description

Enjoy the tingly flavor of oriental cloves, the sensation of nicotine but the freedom from tar, smelly smoke and carcinogens.  Each Viper clove flavor medium nicotine disposable soft-tip e-cigarettes / e-hookahs are created with a soft-tipped filter to give you the enjoyment of a traditional cigarette.

The clove Viper e-cigs are renowned for providing their uniquely warm, sweet and aromatic taste and with each smooth puff they may make you think of fresh ginger bread or pumpkin pie.

With a pleasant clove taste, the Viper e-cig delivers one of the most enjoyable smoking experiences available.  Requiring no charging or assembly, you simply remove it from the package and take a puff. Get the nicotine you desire and the flexibility you need, all in an easy to use e-cigarette.  Using advanced technology, Viper electronic cigarettes are activated when they sense you taking a puff, rather than needing to press a button to use!

Viper e-cigs are generously priced at only $6.99 per e-cigarette, yet they are also very delightful with the tantalizing taste of cloves that comes with every puff.  With the clove flavored Viper e-cig you can enjoy a global experience without ever leaving your hometown!

Unlike a hookah or other electronic cigarettes, the Viper e-cig / e-hookah does not require any hoses, nozzles, cartridges or other apparatus.  Just open the box and enjoy!  When the e-cig is finished, no need to charge it or refill it, just toss it in the trash and start with a fresh one!

Because the Viper e-cig does not generate smoke or odors of any kind, you have the freedom to smoke virtually anywhere!

You may be familiar with other e-cigs, which last for only a few hundred puffs.  However, the premium Viper e-cig will last for about 800 puffs, which is approximately three packs of tobacco cigarettes.  The ease of use coupled with the extended puff potential makes the clove Viper e-cig / e-hookah a great value for just $6.99 per cigarette.  If you purchase multi-packs, the value is even greater.

Viper offers you an easy smoking experience because there are no flames or other mess, when you are done you can put it away safely in your pocket or in your purse. Viper e-cigs are so simple to use because you just open the package and puff on the e-cigarette, and with the intense clove flavor these e-cigarettes will pass your expectations and easily replace traditional hookahs and other e-cigs you may use.

Never have smoky, smelly clothing, hair and breath again because with Viper e-cigs there is no odor.  Say goodbye to cigarette burns and those messy cigarette butts.  Enjoy your Viper e-cigs in restaurants, festivals and other public places that don’t allow traditional cigarettes.    Order your exotic clove flavored Viper e-cig today!

Save even more when you purchase a Clove Flavored Medium Nicotine Soft-Tip Disposable Electronic Cigarette / Disposable Electronic Hookah Multi-Pack:

  • Clove Medium Nicotine Single     $6.99
  • Clove Medium Nicotine 4 Pack    $24.95 (Save $3.01)
  • Clove Medium Nicotine 6 Pack    $36.95 (Save $4.99)
  • Clove Medium Nicotine 12 Pack  $69.90 (Save 13.98)
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