Tobacco flavor high nicotine disposable e-cigs 12-pack
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Tobacco Flavor High Nicotine Soft-Tip Disposable Electronic Cigarettes

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Product Description

Enjoy full tobacco flavor with high nicotine in disposable soft-tip electronic cigarettes from Viper. These are the perfect choice for heavy smokers who have difficulty finding time and a place to smoke as they deliver the ultimate combination of flavor and nicotine. Our soft-tip filter is designed to feel like a cigarette while providing you with a dependable smooth draw every time.

Benefits of Viper High Nicotine E-Cigarettes:

Compare the advantages and benefits of a Viper high nicotine electronic cigarette with traditional smoking or other brands.  Most smokers are aware of the potential health hazards associated with inhaling smoke, but may not be aware that e-cigs eliminate many of these problems. Viper’s high nicotine disposable soft-tip electronic cigarettes provide users with:

•   18 mg nicotine.
•   Breath activated electronic cigarettes that never require charging, refills or assembly.
•   Approximately 800 puffs – which equals almost three packs of traditional cigarettes.
•   Smokeless pleasure to eliminate complaints related to health hazards associated with first-hand or second-hand smoke.
•   No tar or carcinogens.
•   No flame, ashes or mess.
•   Long-lasting dependability.
•   Rich full-bodied tobacco flavor.
•   The ability to smoke almost anywhere, in public or at home.

Unique Features From Viper:

Viper’s soft-tip filter is designed to be as comfortable as smoking a real cigarette, rather than the hard casing found on most e-cigs. They provide a nice smooth draw that provides both high nicotine and premium tobacco flavor.

Assembling, refilling and charging electronic cigarettes may not only time-consuming, but also can be expensive. The cost for a tobacco flavor high nicotine e-cig with soft-tip from Viper is $6.99, approximately equivalent to the price of a single pack. This results in significant savings as each disposable Viper electronic cigarette produces 800 puffs, which replaces three packs. This price is considerably less than most competitors, while providing the highest quality flavor and nicotine available.

Electronic cigarettes have become a popular tool for people who want to reduce their smoking or quit altogether. They do so by gradually cutting down on the level of nicotine, so may begin with high nicotine, switch to medium, low, then nicotine free!

We recommend buying only the highest quality disposable soft-tip electronic cigarettes from Viper. The soft-tip filter combines with tobacco flavor and high nicotine levels to satisfy your cravings, while allowing you to enjoy them in nearly any setting.

Save even more when you purchase a Tobacco Flavored High Nicotine Soft-Tip Disposable Electronic Cigarette Multi-Pack:

•       Tobacco High Nicotine Single     $6.99
•       Tobacco High Nicotine 4 Pack    $24.95 (Save $3.01)
•       Tobacco High Nicotine 6 Pack    $36.95 (Save $4.99)
•       Tobacco High Nicotine 12 Pack  $69.90 (Save 13.98)

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